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Diversity in the Workplace at American Family

Diversity plays a vital role in every level of our organization, and we continue to explore new ways to provide valuable training and development opportunities to our workforce. Through mentoring programs, professional development, training, business resource groups, promotions, job transfers and other avenues, you'll find great opportunities to interact with and learn from your colleagues.

Executive Diversity Champions

Mary Schmoeger, Executive Vice President

Since 2005, American Family Insurance has been strengthening its diversity and inclusion initiatives through a highly dedicated executive team. Known as the Executive Diversity Champions (EDC), the team is involved in all aspects of our diversity programs, including monitoring diversity results, setting expectations for company management and considering diversity as a factor in every business initiative.

The EDC team also provides visible support for diversity in hiring, supplier programs, talent development and other initiatives.

When you look at our markets and our customers, it's obvious how diverse they are. If we want to serve these customers well and maintain their trust in us, we need to welcome and promote various perspectives and approaches from within our organization.

Business Resource Groups

American Family supports the formation of employee networks as an ongoing resource for the company in meeting its business objectives. Our Business Resource Groups (BRG) support the company's mission, vision, values and diversity strategy. They foster engagement, inclusion and development while offering opportunities for networking and relationship building. The Women's Business Resource Group and Multicultural Business Resource Group have more than 250 members and are inclusive communities of employees from all levels of the organization that:

"My engagement has trended upwards since I joined the company in 2003 because of the difference we are allowed to make to the company's mission, and the tremendous opportunities that are available here. My involvement with the multicultural BRG has been a catalyst for increasing my organizational awareness, professional and leadership development." 
Pavi Misra, Application Development Engineer Specialist & Multicultural BRG Co-Lead

"I oversee the BRGs and work every day with our BRG leaders and teams across our operating states. Everyone involved has a terrific attitude and is instrumental in helping us create a culture that encourages collaboration and raises awareness about the differences and similarities of our employees and customers which, in turn, enhances our work environment. Isn't that what inclusion is all about?"
Helen Taylor, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

"Job well done!"

I want to compliment Jana Klein from the St Peter, MN office on my meeting with her on March 31st. She was extremely helpful and patient with all my questions. It was very obvious she wanted to give us the best rates/discounts possible, plus she made sure I understood everything. A JOB WELL DONE! Thanks, Jana.

Dianne from Minnesota