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Julie Larson

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Julie Larson


Julie Larson

Insurance Agent Since:



Park City, Utah

Prior Profession:

Hotel Management

Educational Background:

Bachelor’s in Business Administration

Agency Awards and Distinctions:

  • JD Power & Associates Distinguished Insurance Agency
  • All-Star Lines Leader
  • All American Club
  • Commercial Elite
  • Company Top Ten
  • Gold Key Business Award
  • Company Agent of the Month
  • District Agent of the Month
  • State Agent of the Month
  • State Life Leader
  • Profit Leader
  • Utah Idaho Commercial Leader
  • Utah Idaho Umbrella Leader

Memorable Moment

Being on stage and recognized by my peers at the All American in San Diego for being one of the Company’s Top Ten Agents stands out as one of my most memorable moments. I received a Rolex watch for that achievement. I wear that watch every day to remind me to work hard, focus on my goals and to remember the feeling of that great achievement.

Best Career Aspect

I most enjoy the flexibility that comes with the job. The responsibility ultimately lies with you the agent and you have to wear all of the hats that come with owning your own business. Eventually you can focus on the items that are your true strengths, essentially creating your own job description.

Words of Wisdom

Although there are many challenges an agent faces day to day, the company’s goal is for you to succeed. They provide you the tools to build your own business, but the motivation and desire must come from within. I try to remember that it is a marathon and not a race. I also try to remember to concentrate on triumph instead of disaster.

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