Why Dreams?

At American Family Insurance, we believe in the power of dreams and we’re fully committed to helping you discover yours.

At their very core, dreams are what define you, empower you and make you happy. They’re what compel you to improve yourself and your community. In a nutshell, dreams are what make the world a better place. So what are you waiting for?

Your dream is out there. Go get it. We'll protect it.


Find Your Inspiration

A dream can change your life — and even the world.

Here are some stories and challenges to fuel your passion, your imagination and your motivation. Go on, dream big!

  • Jack's Blog


    American Family's CEO explains why Russell Wilson is the "epitome of dreams realized."

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  • Sophies Squash

    Writing the Book on Not Giving Up

    100-plus rejections didn't stop Pat Zietlow Miller from pursuing her dream to become an author.

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  • Jorge

    Putting on the Gloves

    Jorge doesn't let challenges box him in; they motivate him to help Olympic hopefuls.

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  • The Graduate

    The Graduate

    Having a plan helped David earn a business degree while working and raising a family.

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  • Jason

    Sweet Dreams

    Watch baker Jason pursue the sweet taste of success with his own cupcake shop.

  • Tim Gundeck

    Crossing the Finish Line

    What started as a weight loss plan turned into a goal of completing a marathon in every state.

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Discover Your Dream

Explore what kind of dreamer you are and the types of dreams that drive you to reach new heights. Join our community of dreamers, where you can share your aspirations and get inspired by others' dreams.

Explore Your Dreams

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Need help discovering the essence of who you are as a dreamer, and what types of dreams energize, empower and motivate you? Take our brief survey, and begin your quest to achieve your dreams.

Explore Your Dream

Share Your Dream

Sharing dreams amplifies their value, and can inspire you and others to reach higher, achieve more and make the world a better place. Join American Family's community of dreamers - let your light shine!

Share Your Dream

Dreaming Stream

Here's a glimpse of what others are dreaming about.

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Pursue Your Dream

Just like life itself, pursuing a dream is more about the journey than the destination. Make the most of your adventure by planning the course. Here are four steps to make you wiser, stronger and more confident on the road to fulfilling your dreams.



Immerse yourself in your dreams. Think about what inspires you and makes you happy. Consider your favorite activities and hobbies, personal strengths, and the people who are most important to you. Then, declare your dream – give it a name.



Turn your dream vision into a plan of action. Create a list of specific goals for yourself with achievable checkpoints. These checkpoints will create a tangible roadmap to achieving your dreams.



Encourage others to help you achieve the goals you’ve defined. From professional advisors to friends and family, make yourself accountable to those who may have a shared interest in your dream and can help you stay on track.



Share the triumphs and trials of your dream journey with others. Be a mentor. Be a leader. By inspiring others to imagine something bigger within themselves, you may help them realize their dreams.



You've traveled far on your dream journey. Now take proactive steps to protect your dreams. Explore the dream-protecting products, tools and resources American Family Insurance can offer in the following section, "Protect."

Consider visiting American Family's DreamBank at One North Pickney in Madison, Wisconsin. At DreamBank, you'll find interactive tools, events and experts to help you discover, pursue and protect your dreams.


Protect What Matters Most

You've worked hard to achieve the most valuable thing you will ever own: your dreams. Be sure you're taking steps to protect them.

From our caring agents who work hard to meet your needs, to our solid insurance products, to our value-added tools, services and resources, American Family Insurance is dedicated to helping protect what matters the most.

My Family

Your family is the heart and soul of your dreams — they're what matters most. Our agents understand this, and they'll treat you like family, too. Contact us to learn more about life insurance, health insurance and travel insurance products that can meet your needs.

My Car

Your car keeps your dreams in motion – literally. It gives you the freedom to reach to life's destinations – home, work, school, family vacations and more. Let American Family keep you on the road to your dreams with auto insurance products, including insurance for cars and trucks, motorcycles, motor homes, boats, snowmobiles and ATVs.

My Home

Home. It's filled with your favorite things and people — a haven in which you can relax, renew and refocus. It's where your dreams live. Our caring agents can help you protect it with an array of insurance products and coverage options, including home insurance, condo insurance, mobile home insurance and renters insurance.

My Money

Achieving your long-term dreams doesn't happen overnight. You need to work hard, save and plan. American Family Life Insurance Company can help you prepare for your retirement dreams with flexible premium deferred annuities and immediate annuities, which can help fund individual retirement accounts and accept retirement plan rollovers.

My Security

Safeguarding yourself and your family in the digital age is essential to realizing your dreams. American Family's Identity Theft Program can offer the protective coverage you need against the growing threat of identity theft.

My Business

It's more than just your business. It's your dream come true. American Family can help you realize your dreams of success with flexible business insurance that can suit your needs.

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