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Video: You and Umbrella Insurance

Just like an umbrella provides protection from a rain storm, liability insurance (often called umbrella coverage) offers protection above and beyone your homeowners and auto policies.

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Video Transcript

We all know what an umbrella is, right?

Also known as a parasol, brolly, bumbershoot, gamp, rain shade or sun shade, it is designed to protect you against rain or shine.

But there is another type of umbrella you may want to consider – an insurance umbrella.  It’s liability insurance providing high-limit excess coverage over primary forms of liability insurance.

For those with homeowners insurance ... or renters insurance ... or auto insurance, umbrella insurance adds an extra layer of protection to your primary insurance coverage.

Did you know many people are being held accountable for incidents with increasingly large settlements? One unfortunate situation could put your hard earned savings, your personal property and even your future earnings at risk.

Here’s an example to demonstrate the growing need for personal umbrella coverage.

(This example is for illustration purposes only.)

During a heavy rainstorm, a driver’s visibility was hampered. The driver crossed the center line and hit an approaching vehicle. The $250,000 per person / $500,000 dollar per occurrence bodily injury limits of the driver’s auto policy were insufficient to settle all claims. However, with the added protection of a personal liability umbrella policy, an additional $1 million dollars was available to satisfy the claim.

American Family’s Personal Liability Umbrella Policy supplements your primary liability coverage for automobiles and motorcycles, primary residences, seasonal homes, most types of watercraft, recreational vehicles, and one- or two-family rental dwellings.

Yes, there is a lot to consider in today’s world. Make sure you have the insurance protection that’s right for you.

An insurance agent can go into more detail, help identify your specific needs, and recommend coverage that is right for you.

Extra protection in today’s world with a Personal Liability Umbrella Policy can be a good thing to have.

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