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Have you begun the process of retirement planning?

Are you dreaming of freedom from financial worries in your retirement years?

Let American Family Life Insurance Company help.

You can gain added security with the American Family Immediate Annuity, which can provide a steady source of funds to help supplement your other retirement benefits.

What is an immediate annuity?

It is a contract with your insurance company to receive guaranteed periodic income payments – something that is particularly attractive to retirees.

You set up an annuity by making one initial premium payment. And, it's your choice how often and for how long you or whoever you designate will receive income payments.

Immediate annuities can be advantageous because they can provide a secure stream of income that you can't outlive.

Also, they can enhance your income diversity by providing a conservative income source if you have assigned other assets to higher-risk investment vehicles.

If you want to find out whether an immediate annuity would be a good choice for you, talk to someone you trust — your local American Family Insurance agent.1

Not only will you gain peace of mind by getting reliable information from your agent, but you can take comfort in knowing that your annuity will be secure with a financially strong business like American Family Life Insurance Company, too.

Annuities and Insurance Information

At American Family, we're all about protecting your retirement dreams. With this in mind, we've created the following resources you can use, free of charge.

When planning for your retirement, take advantage of money management tips and information in the My Money section of the American Family Insurance Learning Center.

1Not all American Family agents sell American Family Life Insurance Company annuity products. Neither American Family Life Insurance Company nor its agents are authorized to give legal or tax advice.

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