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Retirement Plan Rollover

Contributing money to retirement plans is a smart way to build a strong financial foundation for realizing your post-employment dreams.

If you've already got money in a 401(k) plan from a previous employer, or will be receiving a lump-sum payout from an employer’s pension plan, American Family Life Insurance Company can help you roll it over into an individual retirement account (IRA), where it will continue to accumulate in an annuity until you withdraw it.

To learn more or roll over funds from your retirement plan, talk to someone you trust – your local American Family Insurance agent.1 You can also trust that your annuity will be secure with a financially strong business like American Family Life Insurance Company.

To help you assess your retirement and other needs, you can use the following tools:

And, the money management information in the My Money section of the American Family Insurance Learning Center can help you plan for retirement, too.

1Not all American Family agents sell American Family Life Insurance Company annuity products. Neither American Family Life Insurance Company nor its agents are authorized to give legal or tax advice.

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