Customer Eva Eck's dream is her family. She'll do anything she can to protect it – even risking her own life.

Eva purchased an American Family homeowners insurance policy from her agent, Stacey Phillips, to help protect her modest home in Joplin, Mo., that she shared with her grandson, Logan, his wife, Angela, and great granddaughter, Aubrey, 2. American Family also insured the rental home she owned next door. She was ready in case the unexpected happened.

And it did May 22, 2011.

Late in the afternoon that day, Logan left to pick up Angela from work – the weather was sunny and a bit windy. Eva stayed home to look after Aubrey. Shortly after Logan left, the skies turned dark and ominous.

"It sounded just like a train," Eva says, describing the tornado that would forever alter her life and the lives of other Joplin residents.

As the house violently shook in the 205 mph winds, Eva instinctively threw herself over Aubrey, to protect her. In a matter of seconds, the home Eva lived in for more than 30 years collapsed around them. Eva saved Aubrey's life.

Logan and Angela had taken cover in a large retail store about one mile away and raced home shortly after the storm. When Logan saw the house, his first thought was his grandmother and daughter were dead, buried under the rubble. He fainted.

The sound of Angela's voice calling out for Eva roused him. Logan saw Aubrey's head peeking out from the debris, so he rushed to pull out Aubrey and Eva. Miraculously, Eva only received cuts and injuries to her hip, and Aubrey was virtually unscathed.

After the catastrophe that took Eva's home, car and rental home, she knew exactly where to turn.

"I had my family here to help me," says Eva. "And the next day, I had my insurance company to depend on."

In relatively short order, Eva received checks covering her home, car and rental property. She was thankful she chose American Family, appreciating the ease and consistency of working with the same insurance company to meet her various needs.

Eva kept her family in mind when she used her claim payments to purchase an existing home in nearby Webb City, where she has relatives and friends. Logan, Angela and Aubrey continue to live with her.

"Of course I miss my home. I'll always remember it," says Eva. "But I didn't want to build back on that spot after all that happened."

So, while the location of Eva's home has changed, she is back to living her dream.

"They mean a lot to me. They're always there for me," Eva says of her family.

And she's always there for them.