For thousands of residents in Joplin, Mo., their dream is to get back to the lives they once had, before a massive, powerful tornado turned their lives upside down.

American Family Insurance is in the business of protecting dreams, every day of the year. To be the best, you have to work harder, come up with better ideas and care about your customers more than the other guys. The people in Joplin lost their homes, businesses, possessions and their hope. American Family was there to help them put their lives and dreams back together.

Our customers are seeing the results of our commitment to being the best. In 2011, American Family earned the top ranking in the J.D. Power and Associates measurement of customer satisfaction with the auto insurance shopping experience. That award mirrors our own measure of customer satisfaction, which reached a record high in 2011.

Both of us had the opportunity to visit Joplin, witnessing firsthand the outpouring of concern from a wide spectrum of society. We found affirmation of American Family's customer-centered values demonstrated by our agents and employees offering comfort and assistance in times of extreme duress.

Many American Family personnel set aside their own lives for weeks or months to be on-site in Joplin. We're glad to report our customers and the greater Joplin community are well on the way to recovery.

We hope you find inspiration and meaning in these narratives and images from Joplin. While you may not live anywhere near "Tornado Alley," you rely on us to protect your dreams from many insurance-related perils. American Family Insurance was up to the challenge in 2011, and we're pushing ourselves to find better ways to serve you in 2012 and beyond.

Jack C. Salzwedel
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Daniel R. Schultz
President and Chief Operating Officer