Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

When you’re at home, it’s all about being comfortable and feeling at ease — which is why you try to make it a safe place for you and your loved ones. Stay savvy about your home’s safety with technology like smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors — a device that protects you, your family and your home. Let’s take a look at how smart devices like these help you safeguard all the things that matter most.

What is a Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector?

Smart smoke detectors, as well as smart smoke detectors that also sense carbon monoxide, conveniently alert you wherever you are, so you can quickly take action. These devices are connected to the internet, which allows them to communicate through apps to deliver alerts to your smartphone when an alarm sounds. It’ll provide details about what was detected — for example, telling you there’s smoke in the kitchen when you’re reading in your bedroom, or out shopping for groceries — so you know exactly what’s going on, where the fire, smoke or carbon monoxide is coming from, and what action to take.

Some smart alarms talk to each other, so that when one alarm senses something amiss, all the alarms in the house will alert you. Most smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors perform their own diagnostics to ensure they’re working correctly, and they’ll even alert you when batteries are low, without the annoying chirp.

Check out these 11 carbon monoxide smarts to help you better understand potential hazards in your home that can cause carbon monoxide leaks. It’s all about keeping you and your family safe.

Other Smart Home Tech

While devices like the smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors help increase safety, there are a lot of super cool smart devices out there that also help save energy, money and can even lessen your carbon footprint! Get smarter about smart technology by reading up on other smart tech devices, such smart thermostats. You’ll learn how you can use smart devices to stay connected, keep your family safe and save on energy costs. And, our beginner’s guide to setting up a smart home tells you all about the easy ways you can stay connected and control your home wherever you go.

Connect with your agent to find out how devices like smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can help you qualify for a smart home discount on your homeowners insurance. Because when you protect what matters most, we think it’s worth rewarding.

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