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Celebrating Small Business During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As social distancing continues into the midpart of 2020, millions of small businesses continue to feel the effects of empty storefronts and restaurants, causing considerable alarm for their future. While this may seem staggering and bleak, there is certainly hope. More independent businesses have gotten creative by taking their storefronts and offerings online.

If you typically follow your favorite businesses on social media, which you totally should, then a quick scroll-through of your feed will reveal some crafty marketing techniques driven by the challenges we all currently face. Restaurants offering their goods curbside or through delivery, movie theaters selling bags of popcorn to make your streaming session a little cozier, or DIY craft cocktail kits assembled by your favorite pubs, there are seemingly endless ways small businesses have temporary reinvented themselves to adapt.

All of this to make our lives seem a bit more normal. All of this to support the community. By celebrating small businesses and buying local, we can ensure we all make it through these challenging times together.

How Do I Support Small Business During Quarantine?

The solution to supporting small businesses during quarantine is to purchase online. Whether it’s a gift card or a to-go order, a prepaid arrangement with your landscaper or a virtual session with the piano instructor, modern problems require modern solutions and thankfully, we have the internet and each other.

To help do our part, we’ve collected a list of ways we can support small business all year round in a constantly connected world.

Shop online

One of the simplest ways to help also happens to be one of the most effective — shop online! Many of your favorite retailers are crafting quarantine packs filled with your favorite goodies for you to order online or over the phone. By checking up through Facebook or other social media, you can find your favorite retailers making great efforts to bridge the social gap by making mail order or curbside service delivery options available.

Purchase gift cards

Think outside the stocking! Gift cards aren’t just last-minute gifts meant for the holiday season; gift cards help inject much needed revenue into small business economy. Get some coffee for coworkers. Plan a spa date for a special someone. Buy a thank-you meal for the essential worker in your life. By purchasing a gift card from your favorite retailer, you’re keeping independent sellers in business all year round.

Get it delivered

Your tummy is growling and you’re just not sure what to cook. Well, did you know that many of your favorite eateries and prepared goods shops can be found through apps like Grubhub, EatStreet, Uber Eats, and DoorDash? Go ahead! Give it a try. Download one of the convenient delivery apps and search for some of your favorite dishes to be delivered right to your door. Usually, first-time orders will even net you a discount!

Tip like you mean it

Waitstaff have it rough during these uncertain times with restaurants, bars and other social gathering hubs closing their doors to the public. Fewer hours, slower business and a complete lack of patrons to serve means less income and increased stress.

Most waitstaff rely on the generosity of their patrons to make ends meet, so remember, if you order something, tip well! Generally, at the very least, 20 percent is the standard.

Keep supporting small

Treating yourself now and again can certainly feel good, but perhaps the greatest feeling comes from knowing you’re supporting small, local and independent business. Business that, in turn, supports the community and local economy. Rather than scouring hundreds of pages from your go-to big box retailer, consider giving that local shop a visit.

Donate instead of refund

Did you miss a showing for an event you had tickets to? Consider it a gift and forego the refund. Supporting the independent arts and entertainment is crucial during these critical times.

Schedule it

Holidays are still planned throughout the year, so consider your gift purchasing a little early. This could also be a nice time for you to support small by purchasing a service now that can be used later. Maybe you needed some work done around your house? Small business owners love to see their calendars marked up with work, so help out by contacting them today.


Think of your favorite local business. Any business will do. Ok, now think of five friends you would like to share your appreciation of that small business with. That’s it! That’s how you can make some of the biggest Small Business Saturday impacts. By promoting your favorite local establishments to friends, family and followers you care about.

Give thanks

These are difficult times for everyone. By supporting those who serve and support us, those who feed and clothe us and those who provide good times, we’re offering a bit of gratitude for what they do for our communities. We wouldn’t be the us we are without the small, independent businesses who see that our needs and wants are met, day in and day out.

Give thanks by giving back.

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