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At American Family Insurance, we’re dedicated to protecting dreamers who have — and will — change the world. That’s why we celebrate Black activists, community leaders and dreamers working to shape a better, more inclusive future. With their stories and these resources, we hope to inspire you to pursue your dreams that’ll change the world — and do so fearlessly.


Learn how these five fearless dreamers are dedicating their lives to bringing justice and equality for all.

Meet Timuel Black
Meet Timuel Black, a leader of the Civil Rights Movements who organized busses to transport people to the March in 1963.

Meet Sylvia Puente
Meet Sylvia Puente, the executive director of the Latino Policy Forum whose incredible work strengthens and enriches our whole community.

Meet Tamara Prather
Meet Tamara Prather, Chicago Executive Director for the Surge Institute, who is paving the way for high-potential leaders of color in education.

Meet Justin Shaifer
Meet Justin Shaifer, AKA Mr. Fascinate, who is making STEM cool and fun for underrepresented students across the nation.

Meet Asean Johnson
Meet Asean Johnson, who began campaigning for equality in education for all students when he was just 9 years old.

"We Are Here to March on Big Dreams"

In order to create a better tomorrow, we need to understand and grow from the past. That’s why we are a proud sponsor of “The March” a realistic recreation of the 1963 March on Washington through advanced VR, AI, film production processes and machine-learning techniques.

In February of 2020, we invited Chicago area students, elders and activists to participate in the historical experience. Take a look and watch how these students were transported back in time to learn about one of the most memorable days in Black History.

Free to Dream

At American Family, we believe everyone deserves the freedom to pursue their dreams. It’s why we are passionate about advocating for — and investing in — solutions that close equity gaps and improve the quality of life for all communities. From economic empowerment and climate resilience to diversity, equity and inclusion, we are committed to creating a better and fairer America so that we ALL are free to dream, fearlessly.

Increase Your Social Impact

Want to make a change in the world, but don’t know where to start? Get inspired by real people creating real changes in their communities through their stories, tips and advice so you can also make the world a little bit brighter.


American Family’s DreamBank is an inspirational community destination and digital experience — dedicated to supporting dreamers everywhere. Take a look at some exciting upcoming cultural events we’re offering to help dreamers like you learn, grow and get involved.