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Ours to Sustain

LeeAnn Glover on Sustainability

American Family Insurance believes it is our responsibility to minimize our environmental impact. We make a concerted effort to use only the resources we need to successfully operate, protecting natural resources for future generations.

Zero Waste

We Target Zero Waste

We have dreams, too. We aim to divert 90% of our waste streams away from the landfill. Our consumption and disposal practices have a cumulative impact on the health of the planet. Setting the goal of a Zero Waste Future is the responsible thing to do.

Zero Waste

We are Limiting the Amount of Greenhouse Gases Emitted

In 2014, American Family Insurance prevented over 9,900 metric tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere, enough to provide electricity to 1,362 homes for a year.

Zero Waste

We are Becoming More Efficient in Water Reduction Practices

Since 2011, our national headquarters has reduced annual water usage by seven million gallons per year, enough to fill 11 Olympic-size swimming pools annually.

Zero Waste

We Produce Renewable Energy

We offset 47,200 kWh of our energy usage in 2014 with the installation of solar panels on three of our facilities—reducing the use of coal by 18 tons a year.

To read our Energy Management Strategy and learn what we are doing to continue to reduce our impact, click on the icon below.

Zero Waste

Zero WasteWe are Committed Stewards of the Land

Our sustainable land management initiative educates and inspires our employees, contractors and community members on active restoration, reclamation and regeneration of natural resources and landscapes. Our current sustainable land management practices include:

  • Restoration of 22 Acres of native prairie.
  • Restoration of 5 Acres of Oak savannah.
  • Installation of 2 Kestrel bird habitat boxes.
  • Monitoring of 34 Bluebird bird habitat boxes.
  • Commitment to safe night sky bird migratory.
  • Dedicated butterfly habitats, including Monarch species.
  • Actively managed level 1 fish hatchery.
  • Proactive control of invasive species.

Zero WasteAmerican Family Insurance National Headquarters campus landscape

If you have any questions about American Family Insurance's Environmental Sustainability efforts, please contact us.

Agent goes the extra mile in the snow

We had some snow in the beginning of February 2014. I got stuck on a back road and had a minor accident as I slid sideways into another car. I called AAA and they said they were so busy that they wouldn't be able to get to me that night. I then called my insurance agent (Luis Sanchez) and he and his wife (Lisa Sanchez) to see what I should do about the accident. They in turn volunteered to come out in the snow to pick me up to take me home. I could not ask for a better agent. What insurance agent would personally come out in a snow storm to pick up his client and take them home? NONE!!! Except mine. They are the best agents on the planet.

Leo from Washington