About Us

When You Compare Insurance Companies,
American Family Insurance Stands Out

If you're making insurance comparisons, you'll find that American Family Insurance offers distinctive advantages over our competitors.

Our Agents Are Trusted Advisors

American Family Insurance agents are committed to understanding your individual needs as a customer, and they'll take the time to suggest basic coverage that is right for you.

They also can proactively suggest insurance policy options and discounts based on their knowledge of your individual circumstances.

Further, our insurance agents can assist you in making policy changes, and will stay informed regarding claims.

American Family Agents Advocate for You, the Customer

American Family's insurance agents are strongly committed to customer service. As insurance agency owners, it's in their best interest to keep you satisfied and retain you as a customer.

That's not always the case with direct writer insurance companies, where customers typically are handled by employees who may be more focused on the company's interests instead.

We Give You a Single Point of Contact

American Family offers auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance and a variety of other insurance products. This conveniently provides you with a single point of contact, and allows us to help you save money through bundled insurance packages involving different products.

In contrast, a number of our competitors offer only one or two types of insurance, such as auto and/or property. They might partner with other insurance companies to provide additional products, and they may even offer bundled discounts with these partners.

But, imagine you suffered auto, home and even life losses in a tornado or some other catastrophe. In your time of need, wouldn't you prefer to work with a single point of contact like American Family Insurance, rather than settling insurance claims through multiple providers and partner companies?

Excellent Claims Experiences

Our caring claims process is very straightforward, and has earned J.D. Power and Associates high satisfaction rankings, especially when it comes to auto and property insurance. Many competitors lack this distinction. This might explain why a number of our customers have left competitors due to poor insurance claims experiences, and have chosen American Family Insurance instead.

Positive Customer Testimonials

Those who compare insurance companies often take into account customer testimonials. American Family's customer testimonials illustrate how we strive to provide industry-leading service, exceptional insurance claims experience and products that build long-term relationships.

Come In, Call or Click

It's easy and convenient working with us, in person, on the phone or online, in the following ways:

Thank you

I would like to express our appreciation to American Family Insurance for the professional and expediate manner in which our accident claim was handled. Thank you. No one likes to deal with repairs, but I will say that American Family made the process easier than we expected. We appreciate all the personal contact throughout the process and the readiness of your company to help with questions and concerns.

Patricia from Missouri