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We believe that social impact doesn’t start or end with a check. So we focus on bringing our mission – to inspire, protect and restore dreams – to life in our communities. We do this by combining financial support with volunteerism, creativity and expertise. And that leads to greater accomplishments, collaboration and a better future for all.

American Family Insurance Dreams Foundation

2018 Annual Report

In 2018, American Family Insurance and the American Family Insurance Dreams Foundation invested in programs and services in 47 states through community grants, matching gifts, storm relief efforts and United Way campaign donations.

Community Grants

The American Family Insurance Dreams Foundation, Inc builds on our long-standing commitment and support of communities we serve by offering unrestricted, general operating grants to eligible non-profit 501(c)(3) partners.  Our next application cycle opens March 15, 2021.



Community of Dreamers

Thanks to everyone who nominated a charity that’s making a difference in our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. See the 200 nonprofits selected for a $2,500 Community of Dreamers donation!

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  1. On screen: American Family Insurance — Dreams Foundation —

    Narrator 1: For the past 90 years, community's always been the foundation of what we do at American Family.

    Narrator 2: People in the community can count on us. We're going to be there when things get tough.

    Narrator 3: American Family supports the dreams of families and those programs in the community that help them achieve those dreams.

    On screen: Phil Heller, Parent, Special Olympics | Indianapolis, IN

    PHIL HELLER: Without Special Olympics, my son wouldn't have the opportunities that a typical kid would have and so because of American Family’s partnership supporting Special Olympics, he's been able to participate in things like bowling or basketball, run track — and those have been meaningful experiences for him to feel like he's part of something bigger than himself.

    On screen: Britt Stender, State Director, St. Louis, MO

    BRITT STENDER: Here in the St. Louis area — believe it or not — there's over 90,000 kids that do not have paper, glue, pencils, scissors when they start to school — the first day — they have no school supplies. So we started this partnership with KidSmart, about ten years ago, and over the years I think we've donated probably around close to $250,000. And this is just a great partnership that we felt like — really — connected with American Family.

    On screen: Jennifer Miller, President, KidSmart, St. Louis, MO

    JENNIFER MILLER: Every dream does deserve a champion and we also believe every child does too. And in St. Louis American Family Insurance has really made a lot of dreams come true for local kids.

    On screen: Thank You, American Family Insurance

    On screen: Torrie Tai, CEO Child Crisis Arizona | Phoenix, AZ

    TORRIE TAI: When parents need to take their children somewhere — if they're experiencing some trauma in their life — where they need a safe environment, for their children: they come to us. In Maricopa County, Child Crisis Arizona is the only shelter facility program that exists to serve children zero to eight years old.

    On screen: Amy Navarro, Sales Planning Manager | Phoenix, AZ

    AMY NAVARRO: I've been involved with child crisis Arizona for about 25 years. And I really do think that the community counts on us. And I think that we can on the community, so it's very mutual.

    On screen: Karen Menendez Coller, Executive Director, Centro Hispano |Madison, WI

    KAREN MENENDEZ COLLER: Through the American Family Dreams Foundation, we were lucky enough to get a grant to develop our capacity as an organization. We run amazing programs, but the programs can't do the work that they do unless operationally were as efficient and as effective as we want to be.

    On screen: Cesar Pinzon, Agency Sales VP, East Region | Madison, WI

    CESAR PINZON: American Family’s involvement with Centro is probably as personally rewarding to me as I hope it's as rewarding to the community in central itself.

    KAREN MENENDEZ COLLER: The idea of working with a long-standing partner that's been around as a company in the community for so long — there's just been so much that we've learned from that partnership and I'm just really proud to be a community partner with American Family.

    On screen: American Family Insurance — Dreams Foundation —