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At American Family Insurance, we recognize our connection to the natural environment and are dedicated to minimizing our operational impact. We understand that our dreams are dependent on the responsible use of natural resources — which is why we’re committed to ensuring future generations have an equal opportunity to experience the world in all its awe and wonder. We’ve acknowledged the very real impacts of climate change and its effect on our customers, company and communities today. And we believe it is our responsibility to address these impacts directly.

To position American Family as a leader in environmental sustainability and climate action — and to ensure we’ve prepared our enterprise for the impacts of changing environmental conditions – we created a Sustainability and Climate Action Strategy in 2019.

Goal One: Mitigate carbon emissions and adopt strategies to achieve carbon neutrality.

We believe it is our corporate responsibility to take climate action now through direct mitigation strategies. Our goal is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 – reducing and offsetting our corporate contributions to global climate change.

We’re committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing on-site renewable energy production and renewable energy purchased, diverting waste from the landfill and increasing water conservation.

Goal Two: Create, design and construct workplace environments that encourage employee health, well-being, productivity and resilience.

We intentionally design our offices and work spaces to enhance the well-being of our employees and to reflect our sustainability values.

We’re committed to sustainable land development, alternative and active transportation, and principles of LEED, WELL and FORTIFIED in the design and construction of owned and leased properties.

Goal Three: Build upon climate conversations, partnerships and actions that enhance adaptive enterprise capacity to respond to climate risks and impacts.

We are committed to leveraging our financial strength, resources and experience to catalyze climate conversations.

Through internal and external partnerships, we will challenge systemic barriers and position the enterprise for success in the low-carbon economy.


American Family’s dream of a zero-waste future remains strong, and we remain committed to achieving zero waste by 2025.

In 2019, we eliminated plastic straws from our Madison, Wis.-area cafeterias. Our sustainability staff completed a waste audit of our National Headquarters operations, and we organized a Zero Waste Champions group with employees who advocate for sustainable practices. We also expanded waste collection metrics by location and waste stream and completed an employee e-waste collection drive which prevented more than 13 tons of hazardous waste from entering the landfill.


We recognize our connection to the environment. Our goal is stewardship of our land resources to benefit a sustainable future for our employees, communities and customers.

We use best practices in design, restoration and maintenance to manage our diverse land resources. Our Sustainable Land Management Program highlights four pillars of responsibility in this work, including ecosystem management, education and action, landscape design and management, and technology and innovation.



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Landscape Management

Set in a beautiful area of Madison, our National Headquarters is also home to native prairie thanks to a pioneering program to return the land to its natural state. This area includes 22 acres of restored habitat, with 10 more acres planned to become home to a variety of native Wisconsin species.

Water Management

American Family has achieved a 20 percent reduction in water usage. Retrofitting a condenser water-cooling system allows us to use soft water in the cooling tower system at our National Headquarters. This change saves four million gallons of water a year by reducing the mineral content in the water.

Certifiably Sustainable

Sustainability was a driving factor in the design and remodel of American Family’s East Regional Building located in Madison, Wisconsin. To bring additional accountability to such efforts, the project pursued certification in Leadership in Environmental Energy Design (LEED). By following LEED standards, including water efficiency and indoor-environmental quality, the East Regional Building earned LEED Gold and is a first-class example of sustainable excellence in our community.


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