March 2014
5 Easy Steps to Eating Healthier

5 Easy Steps to Eating Healthier

Pursue your dreams of greater health and fitness.

There are plenty of good reasons to eat and drink healthy.

Nutritious, balanced diets strengthen bones and muscles, and lower the risks of developing chronic diseases. And, good food choices can make you feel better!

Choosing a wholesome diet isn’t complicated, either. Here are five tips to help you enjoy what you eat and drink in a healthy way.

  1. Small(er) is beautiful. It’s easier to control portions and avoid overeating when you use smaller plates.
  2. Be smart and selective. Avoid foods that are high in solid fats, added sugars and salt. Try to eat more whole grain foods, low-fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables.
  3. Drink deliberately. Choose water, fat-free milk, 100 percent juice or calorie-free beverages, and avoid drinks containing sugar or that are highly caloric.
  4. Make treats special. By definition, treats are not meant to be eaten often. That’s what makes them so enjoyable! Get more out of your treats and watch your waistline by indulging in treats only a few times a week.
  5. Slow down, listen to your body. Eat and drink slowly, enjoy tastes and textures, and be aware of how you feel while eating. Know when to stop when you’re full.

Get quick, easy access to nutritional data for more than 8,000 foods by visiting the United States Department of Agriculture’s “Food-A-Pedia.”

Be Prepared for Floods

Be Prepared for Floods

Flood Awareness Week infographic
Could You Be the Next Victim of Contractor Fraud?
Man with yellow work hat

Could You Be the Next Victim of Contractor Fraud?

These preventive measures can help you avoid being duped.

What’s worse than having your property damaged by a storm? Being swindled by scam artists and crooked contractors who don’t make repairs.

Take the case of Jane,* one of our customers.

After a bad storm, an alleged “contractor” knocked on her door and said she qualified for a free roof. Next, he asked to see Jane’s insurance information, which she provided.

Armed with this newly acquired information, he falsely claimed that Jane’s agent sent him to “help” her out. She ultimately was duped into signing paperwork to have her roof fixed, which the bogus contractor failed to do.

“It is so unfortunate when this happens,” says Jolene Cloyd, a senior field investigator at American Family Insurance. “These types of solicitors act like they are helping out, but really it is for their own personal gain. We don’t want people to be taken advantage of.”

Some of the most common examples of contractor fraud include:

  • Obtaining advance payment for repairs, and then never showing up to complete the job.
  • Starting a job and not completing it after receiving payment up front.
  • Using cheap materials and poor workmanship to make a bigger profit.

Before you hire a contractor for repairs, follow these steps to avoid potential fraud:

  • Get more than one estimate.
  • Get everything in writing.
  • Obtain references and check them out.
  • Never pay in full or sign a completion certificate before work is completed and you've confirmed it's code-compliant.

If you’re an American Family Insurance customer, and if you suspect you’ve been the victim of contractor fraud, please contact our Special Investigations Unit at (608) 242-4100, ext. 31061.

Remember, please contact your American Family agent first in the event of storm-related damage.

* Name changed to maintain confidentiality.

New! MyLife Flexible Life Insurance
MyLife Flexible Life Insurance

New! MyLife Flexible Life Insurance

It offers long-term, flexible coverage that can change as your life evolves.

In life, change is constant.

For instance, your obligations and priorities when you’re younger and just starting a family undoubtedly will be quite different than when you’re older and the kids have moved out.

So, if you’re shopping for life insurance, or are reevaluating what you already have, you might want to consider a new and unique product: MyLife Flexible Life Insurance.

MyLife Flexible Life Insurance from American Family Life Insurance Company offers you long-term, flexible coverage that can change as your life evolves.

MyLife provides two options, Freedom and Legacy, for meeting your needs throughout your lifetime.

Freedom provides affordable coverage when your family’s needs are at their peak, and guaranteed*, paid-up coverage for your retirement years. If you elect this option, you’ll have no payments after age 65 or 20 years after purchase, whichever is later.

Legacy offers the flexibility you need to build value throughout your lifetime. It maximizes the policy’s coverage and cash value as you get older and allows you to provide your family with a legacy.

MyLife offers attractive features, such as accumulation of cash value, guaranteed minimum interest rate or the ability to adjust the coverage amount and premium.

As one of our agents put it, “With its customizable options, this product takes life insurance to a whole new level.”

Whether you’re getting married, having a new baby, or starting over in an exciting new career, you want to know that the most important dream of all – a family with the financial resources it needs to thrive – is protected.

Consider talking to your American Family agent.

*Loans or partial surrenders may void the Freedom Guarantee. Details are found in the policy.



What Do These Things Have in Common?

What Do These Things Have in Common?

Hint: It’s all about inspiring, protecting and restoring dreams.

A pro football hero.

More than 298,000 businesses prepared to succeed.

Over $3.4 billion we expect to spend on restoring dreams.

39,000 people (and counting) pursuing their dreams.

More than 16,800 families dedicated to preventing car accidents.

What do they all have in common?

Find out in our annual report.