My team is here to serve. Our unique backgrounds, training and experience have prepared us well to help meet your insurance needs. Additionally, as residents of your community, we understand how important it is to be there for you - our trusted friends and neighbors. Together, we're building strong partnerships that help everyone succeed.

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Judy Benz

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Kayla Small

Customer Service Representative
Hello, my name is Kayla Small and I have been a Licensed Customer Service Representative since 2011. I started in the insurance industry because I wanted to help people and provide them with a piece of mind with the best possible coverage. My mission is to build customized insurance policies tailored to each client's specific personal, business, farm or life insurance needs. I can advise you on a multitude of products and services, including home and auto insurance, commercial property coverage, farm and ranch insurance, and life insurance. In my free time you can find me chasing after my three kids and husband, enjoying outdoor activities and sports.
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Lisa Gronberg

Customer Service Representative
Hello, my name is Lisa Gronberg and I have been with the Dee Heintz agency for about four and a half year. I started in the Securities and Life Insurance industry in 1991. My job is to make sure the insureds understand their insurance they have. I want to make sure they know what is covered, how's it's covered and what it not covered also make sure they are not over insured and definitely not under insured. I love building relationships with the insured because they are more than just insureds to me.