Giving to Those Who Give of Themselves

A chance meeting is all it took for one man’s world to change. Last year, while filming an American Family Insurance commercial, singer Jennifer Hudson surprised the Morehouse College Glee Club with the performance of a lifetime. Afterward, Jennifer and Glee Club member DeShaun Blake discovered that they shared something in common beyond their music talents — their high school choir teacher, Mr. Richard Nunley. To Jennifer and DeShaun, Mr. Nunley gives selflessly and embodies the idea that any dream is possible with the right support.

We believe that it’s people like Mr. Nunley, who do so much for others’ dreams that deserve something in return. Because with the right support, any dream is possible.

American Family in Your Community

We live in an age where good news rarely makes headlines. But instead of simply highlighting the good in the world, American Family has focused on creating the good in the world. It’s the reason our agents are so active in their communities with events like One Saturday to Dream Fearlessly, and why they’re focused on giving back to the people who make those communities so special.

Community Investment

We bring our mission to inspire, protect and restore dreams into our communities through social, environmental and economic causes.