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American Family Insurance Commercial Shows Power of Coming Together at Goodman Community Center

Local volunteers and hometown heroes TJ, Derek and JJ Watt gathered to pack boxes of food at American Family’s One Saturday to Dream Fearlessly event

The Goodman Community Center dreams of a better future for kids in their community. On July 8th, American Family Insurance, community volunteers, and some special hometown heroes, the Watt brothers, came to support this endeavor.

300 strong, a volunteer force gathered early at Goodman Community Center to pack 3,000 boxes of food, enough to stock the center’s food pantry for the rest of the summer. In addition, volunteers got their hands dirty installing a brand new greenhouse, chicken coop and outdoor learning center for the countless kids and families who have come to think of Goodman as home.

“We are all stronger with the support a larger community. These kids know when they come here that nobody is going to judge them and that we’re going to try to help them as much as we can” explains Arthur Morgan, Middle School Coordinator for Goodman Community Center.

American Family Insurance brand ambassador JJ Watt was moved by his hometown’s passion. “When you get people together to help others, its crazy how much you can accomplish,” he said.


    NARRATOR: The amount of good that the Goodman Center does for communities like Madison —

    I mean it's immeasurable.

    On screen: Arthur Morgan, Goodman Community Center

    ARTHUR MORGAN: A lot of our families rely on Goodman for meals and not just our food pantry but the meals that we serve to the community.


    On screen: The Goodman Community Center helps feed Madison’s hungry. On July 8th, we helped them.

    JOHN LICA: If there were no Goodman community center…

    On screen: John Lica, Goodman Community Center

    JOHN LICA: …there would be a lot of folks on this side of town in a lot worse shape than they are now.

    DEBORAH CRABTREE: I think that's what makes Goodman such a special place, we're not just here to do a job.

    On screen: Debora Crabtree, Goodman Community Center

    DEBORAH CRABTREE: We're here to serve the community — and change lives.

    On screen: AMERICAN FAMILY INSRUANCE, Insure carefully, dream fearlessly. See how we support communities at