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Landlord and Rental Property Insurance


As a landlord, your business is as unique as the property you own. And at American Family Insurance, we understand the hard work that went into creating that business — that's why we work so hard to protect it.

Not sure what type of coverage your business needs? Explore our easy-to-use interactive tool, so you can discover which products will help keep your business running strong.
Sometimes it pays to talk to a professional. Our American Family agents are ready to discuss the business you've worked hard to build - and help create an insurance policy that gives you peace of mind.
With the help of American Family's loss-control team, industry articles and guides, checklists, logs and PureSafety Modules, you can plan an effective safety and risk management program for your business - without spending the hundreds or thousands of dollars it typically costs for similar services.
In addition to protecting your business, American Family is committed to helping it grow. Check out our selection of business articles to learn how you can help your business thrive.

Why Choose Us

At American Family Insurance, we care about you and your business and we'll do everything we can to help you protect what matters most. Whether it’s by simplifying insurance, or getting you back on your feet after a claim, we’re here supporting you every step of the way.