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Protect What Matters Most

Life insurance is an easy, proactive and affordable way to financially protect the dreams of those you love. American Family Life Insurance Company cares about planning for your future — and the earlier you start planning, the better. Discover the benefits of our life insurance and gain peace of mind knowing you’re protecting what matters most.

SimplyProtected Term Life Insurance

Keeps life insurance as simple as possible — no medical tests, easy application with few medical questions and affordable protection. Great starter policy for various age groups, including young people.

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Term Life Insurance

Just what it sounds like — a policy that will remain in effect for a specific term or length of time. Gives loved ones financial protection for life’s big-ticket items, from mortgages to income replacement. Good for most ages, and popular with families, as well as new homeowners.

MyLife Flexible Insurance

Offers long-term protection, adjustable premium and coverage amounts, and accumulates cash value over time — great flexibility as your life evolves! Solid option for families and business owners.

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Whole Life Insurance

Once you’ve purchased it, it’s yours for life! Premiums don’t increase, regardless of health or age change, and it builds cash value. Attractive option for all ages, especially those in mid- to later life stages. Also makes a great gift for children.


With our Life Insurance Calculator, you can estimate the amount of life insurance coverage you need to help financially protect your loved ones.

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