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Cut through the clutter by bundling your car & renters policies. Bundling takes the stress out of managing multiple plans, allows you to pay for your policies all at once and can save you up to 30%. When you Bundle Up, we make protecting your dreams simpler.

Car and Renters Insurance Bundled

Renters Insurance Coverage

Your busy lifestyle deserves coverage that can keep up! And we can help. At American Family Insurance, we’ll build a policy just for you that’ll follow you wherever you go and protect all that matters most. So, no matter if you’re running errands, traveling for work or simply relaxing at home, you can have peace of mind knowing that, should the unexpected happen, you’d be covered. Here’s how.


Your stuff is what makes your rental a home. Our personal property coverage helps you with the cost of replacing your things should they be damaged by fire, theft, water damage and other covered losses.


As a renter, you can be held responsible for injuries to guests or damage to your building. This coverage helps you pay for property damage, first aid, medical and court costs.


Should your rental become uninhabitable due to a covered loss, this coverage will help you pay for additional living expenses – think food and hotel rooms.

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