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Do I need to notify American Family Insurance for an inpatient admission?
Prior notification of an inpatient hospital admission is not required.
Where do I purchase prescribed durable medical equipment (DME)?
You may purchase DME from the provider of your choice, but you may want to make sure that the provider is in-network to help minimize out of pocket costs.
Who can I contact with questions regarding my health insurance coverage, and where can I find out what calendar or policy year benefits are available?
Contact your American Family Insurance agent for information regarding your policy benefits and available coverage, or call 888-755-3064.
Where do I find an in-network provider?
Visit the Network Providers page to locate an in-network provider in your area. By using an in-network provider, your out-of-pocket cost may be waived, or lowered from 20% - 10%, depending on your policy. Not all services within an in-network facility are provided by an in-network provider. Be sure to question if all the care you are receiving is provided by in-network providers.
How do I obtain a discount on my prescription drugs?
A prescription discount program through Express Scripts is provided under many of our health contracts. Express Scripts sends you a prescription drug program packet, including a discount card. By using this card at a participating pharmacy, a savings may be obtained even if your policy does not provide a prescription drug benefit or your benefit has been exhausted.

If you do not have a participating pharmacy in your area, you have the option of purchasing your prescriptions by mail through Express Scripts. Visit or call 1-877-852-4060.

The savings depend on the type of medications you and your family are taking and the price your pharmacy is currently charging. In some instances, your pharmacy may be able to offer a better price than what you can receive with the discount card. Work with your pharmacy regarding the option that would be most beneficial to you and any family member insured under your health insurance plan.
How do I file a grievance or an appeal?
You may file a grievance or appeal by submitting a written request to American Republic Insurance Company, Attn: Grievance Coordinator, PO Box 14589, Des Moines, IA 50306-3589. Please refer to the procedures in your American Family Insurance policy, or call 1-888-755-3064 for a copy of the procedures.

Have a question that you couldn't find here? Contact your American Family Insurance agent with your additional questions.

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