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EDI Connectivity Information - Kansas

A. Is there a logo on the front side of the patient's health insurance card?

If this network repricing plan logo is present on the front side of the patient's health insurance card and you are a participating provider with PHP or HPK please use the EDI connectivity information below. If you are a non-participating provider filing claims, please use the EDI connectivity information in Section B below.

PHP is currently accepting claims electronically thru the following Clearinghouses:

Clearinghouse logo

ASK – Administrative Services of Kansas

ClaimLogic LLC

Gateway EDI


  • Payer ID: PHPCMHCX12 for Professional claims
  • Payer ID: PHPCMUBX12 for Institutional claims



  • CPID - 1848
  • Payer ID: 00036
  • Payer Name: PHP Kansas City
  • Group Ind: 076 Gateway EDI No

Medical Claim Corp



B. No logo on front side of card, non-participating hospital provider, or a provider filing non-hospital claims?

If the above displayed logo is not present OR the logo is present but you are a non-participating hospital provider OR a provider filing non-hospital claims, there are several methods for submitting claims, depending on the EDI connectivity available to you and/or your clearinghouse:

1. HDM (can be used only if the provider uses HDM's Qwik File Product)


3. Emdeon

C. Need further assistance?

If you need further assistance, please call 1-888-755-3064.