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Surround Your Home With Proactive Protection

At American Family, we’re dedicated to inspiring, protecting, and restoring dreams. That’s why we created Hedge — an easy to use home protection system that protects what for many people is a dream come true — their home.

As a valued American Family customer we’re offering Hedge to you at an affordable price. While it helps us decrease homeowners and renters insurance claims, Hedge can help you by proactively protecting your family, your home and everything in it.

Meet Hedge

At the core of Hedge’s offerings are smart home devices — indoor security cameras, motion sensors, leak detectors and more — that monitor your home and alert you to potential issues via the Hedge mobile app. But there’s a lot more to Hedge.

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Home maintenance services

An added benefit for being an American Family Insurance policyholder. You’ll get a home checkup, where a home expert will conduct a safety inspection and provide guidance on system maintenance and more.*

Alerts and escalations

You’ll get immediate Hedge app alerts if your smart home devices detect a potential problem. Certain issues will be escalated and we’ll call your emergency contacts if we’re unable to reach you — like when your leak detector senses trouble, for instance.

Ready home assist

This free app-based service connects you with hundreds of pre-approved Hedge service and repair pros in your area. Use the service to locate contractors for fixing minor water leaks or bring them onboard when the time comes to sign a contract for major home improvements.


Are You Ready to Proactively Protect Your Home?

Take the next step and protect your home with Hedge. Reach out to your American Family Insurance agent for details. You’ll get more than a smart home security system. Our suite of additional services offers you real peace of mind, knowing your home — and everything that matters most — is better maintained and protected.

*Check with an American Family agent to see if Hedge is available in your state. Home checkups are conducted virtually, via video call.

Hedge is an American Family Financial Services (AFFS) product and is not an insurance product. AFFS is a subsidiary of American Family Mutual Insurance Company, S. I. (AFMICSI). Hedge products and services are available to all and are not limited to American Family Insurance customers.