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On-Site Safety Inspections

The most important person in any safety consultation is you – the business manager or owner. You want a safe workplace and are willing and able to implement a culture of safety.

American Family’s safety consulting staff will listen to your needs and work with you to identify potential hazards and show you ways to prevent most losses from occurring in the first place. While no amount of planning will stop lightning from striking your building, safety and recovery plans you have in place will make all the difference in how fast your business is back on its feet. These reviews are provided to American Family policyholders at no cost.

Our safety consultants employ a variety of approaches and techniques, including:

  • On-site hazard identification
  • Recommendations for hazard improvement or correction
  • On-site safety and health training for employees
  • Safety and health audits
  • Assistance in fleet safety loss control program development
  • Assistance in construction safety programs and job site inspection programs
  • Industrial hygiene testing and monitoring
  • Ergonomic review of operations

By taking a proactive approach to safety and loss control, American Family can help your business achieve a top notch safety program.

Ask your American Family agent how our safety consultants can help you save money and increase the level of safety in your business.

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