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Safety Resource Guides From Your American Family Agent

No business ever wants a loss. Even if you have insurance to get back in business, there are employees who may be injured, equipment that might get damaged, lost business opportunities and customers who use a competitor while you are rebuilding and may not come back.

Your American Family Insurance agent can offer the following publications to help your business create a safe workplace and help prevent a loss before it happens. If you don’t have an American Family agent, use our agent locator to find the nearest American Family insurance agent.

  • Loss Control is Everybody’s Business: Simple Steps To A Safer Workplace
  • This guide is an introduction to safety and loss control. It is for the commercial client who is interested in creating a workplace safety program.

  • Apartment and Condo Communities: A Guide to Safety and Loss Control
  • This is for the client who owns or manages apartments or condominium communities. This booklet helps identify potential hazards unique to apartments or condominiums – and describes how to reduce or eliminate these risks.

  • Automotive Repair Shop: A Guide to Loss Control
  • Automotive repair businesses are exposed to many different sources of loss including theft, property damage and employee injury. This manual helps the shop owner or manager put in place a loss control plan that focuses on employee and customer safety, theft and fire prevention.

  • Hotels and Motels: A Guide to Safety and Loss Control
  • This guide is aimed at the owner or manager of a lodging business. It focuses on a variety of safety tips including slips and falls, fire safety, crib safety, playground equipment and more.

  • Restaurant and Food Service: Serving Up A Safe Environment
  • This guide identifies potential hazards in the food service industry and how to reduce or eliminate them. Information in this manual can be used when conducting workplace inspections and employee training.

  • An Employers Guide to Developing A Return-To-Work Program
  • Return-to-work (RTW) programs are crucial to reducing workers compensation costs. Developing a RTW program places injured workers in temporary work assignments or modified duty designed to comply with any work restrictions determined by a treating physician.

  • Disaster Planning Toolkit
  • Research from the Institute for Business and Home Safety shows that of all small businesses that close due to a disaster, 25 percent never reopen. This guide helps develop business continuity and property protection plans to help reduce potential losses of downtime if a disaster strikes.

  • Accident Report Kit for Commercial Vehicles
  • This kit is designed for businesses that have employees using company vehicles. The kit is designed to be stored in the glove compartment, and advises a driver what to do and say in the event of an accident. It also tells the driver what kind of information to gather at the scene of an accident.

Creating a safe work environment takes everyone’s input. It’s not just the right thing to do – it’s the smart way of doing business for you, your employees and your customers.

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