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Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls to Keep Your Business Moving Forward

Accidental slips and falls on your property can lead to lots of headaches and detract you from doing what you do best: running a business.

A regular safety check, however, can help keep your customers and employees safe – and your business growing.

Here are some proactive ways to protect everyone on your property, indoors and out.

Outside safety

  • Keep your parking lot in good repair.

  • Maintain level and obstruction-free sidewalks.

  • Make sure your curbs are level with your sidewalks.

  • Ensure water drains away from sidewalks and parking areas.

  • Keep sidewalks and parking areas well lit.

  • Properly mark changes in exterior surface elevations (such as with yellow paint or a reflective stripe).

  • Make sure stairs have a non-slip surface and that stairwells are illuminated, clean and unobstructed.

  • Ensure handrails are present, tight and in good condition.

Inside safety

  • Keep public areas clean, well lit and unobstructed.

  • Make sure carpeting is tight, smooth and free of tears and rips.

  • Ensure doormats are flat, slip-resistant and clean.

  • When spills occur, make sure they’re immediately cleaned up with a dry mop and that a “Caution Wet Floor” sign is posted.

  • Keep stairwells illuminated, clean and obstruction free.

  • Make sure handrails are present, tight and in good condition.

  • Mark changes in interior floor elevations.

  • Check that all emergency lighting works.

  • Regularly remove trash from public areas.

These recommendations follow generally accepted safety standards. Compliance does not guarantee you will conform to building codes, or federal, state or local regulations regarding safety or fire. Compliance does not ensure the absolute safety of you, your operations or place of business.

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