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Reduce Hail Damage to Your Car


Keep dents and dings to a minimum.

Every year, hail storms pound the U.S., causing millions of dollars in destruction. Even a brief hail storm can cause significant damage to your car.

While nothing can stop hail from falling, here are tips to protect your vehicle.

  • Plan ahead. If a storm is forecast, make arrangements to park your vehicle under cover, delay your trip or use an alternative mode of transportation.
  • If caught in a storm, look for safe shelter. Options include bridges, service station awnings and covered car parks or ramps.
  • In a severe storm, avoid parking under trees as branches could fall on your vehicle.
  • If you have to leave your car outside, cover it with a thick blanket to minimize hail’s impact.
  • If there’s nowhere to go, stop your car. The impact from hail is stronger when a vehicle is in motion.
  • At home, park your car in a garage or carport. If you don’t have a covered parking spot, consider a specially designed car cover to minimize vehicle damage.

If you sustain hail damage to your car, American Family’s Certified Repair Program and Glass Repair Program make the claim process as easy and efficient as possible. For more information, contact your American Family agent.

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