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My Car Broke Down

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Video Transcript:

So, you drive a vehicle. You are one of the millions of cars on the road driving trillions of miles a year. That’s a lot of vehicles. That is a lot of miles.

And unfortunately, at some point that vehicle you love and care for may break down. Let’s hope not, but if it did, would you know what to do?

Here are some general tips to consider if you happen to find yourself broke down alongside the road. However, please note, the tips are not all inclusive and any action you decide to take should be based on the circumstances.

First and foremost, try to pull as far away from the roadway as possible. Once you are safely pulled over, turn on your flashers or hazards. Now reach for that handy cell phone you are carrying and call a loved one, a friend or, if the situation is adverse, call the police.

Give them as exact a location as possible. Try and remember exit numbers or other landmarks.

Remain calm.

Many states have roadside assistance or motorist assist vehicles just for roadside emergencies.

Those that don't are usually more than willing to dispatch an officer to keep you safe until a tow truck arrives. Call the local authorities to find out if they can help.

If it is at all possible, avoid leaving your vehicle to walk for help. According to AAA statistics, about 600 people die annually as pedestrians on America's interstate system. Some states have laws prohibiting walking alongside the interstate. Doing so not only puts you at risk, but can net you a citation on top of any vehicle repairs you may have to deal with. If you must leave your vehicle, exit from a door opposite of the moving traffic. 

Changing a tire or dealing with a breakdown alongside roads and highways have inherent dangers. Play it safe and call a service station for help.

So now you know a few tips to consider if your vehicle ever breaks down. For additional protection, check out the cost of Emergency Roadside Assistance coverage.

The road of life has many twists and turns. Reduce your risk and ease your mind by being prepared when traveling the highways and byways.

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