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Need a New Car?

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Video Transcript: Need a New Car?

You need a new ride. Where and how do you start? So many vehicles? New? Used? What about car loans? Auto insurance? Oil changes? So many things to consider. Sheesh. Where and how do you start? No worries. We’re here to help.

Buying a car is perhaps the second largest purchase any of us will make.

There are approximately 200 million cars in America that drive over two trillion miles each year. And believe it, there are actually more cars than adults. So cars are very important to our society.

We are going help you by showing you some simple things to consider before you make that car purchase.

# 1. Consider Safety features.  Look at crash rating reports. Safer cars offer greater protection to you and others if you are involved in a fender bender. A couple of great websites to check out are the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety as well as the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration website. 

# 2. Get the fax!  A CARFAX® report that is. This will show you a history of the used car you are considering. Has it been involved in a car crash? A flood? Does it have fire damage?

All of these potentially hidden dangers will show up on a car fax report. And now most dealers will provide you this vital report for free. No CARFAX®.  No car.

If you want your car to last, know the past. If you still aren’t convinced, seek the opinion of a third-party mechanic.

# 3. Consider the cost of insurance before you buy. This is a big one and one often overlooked. Many people want a sleek, powerful sports car, and may be able to afford the car payments, but can you afford the insurance payments?

# 4. Look up the consumer report on the make and model on your car. Take the time to investigate the make, model and service history. Cars with a favorable service history and those regularly maintained can keep more money in your pocket.

And honestly, the best vehicle for many of us will be the most reliable. So relax, do your homework, and never, never, never rush to buy a car. Make sure you verify the value of the vehicle and comparison shop for other vehicles in your area. That amazing “once of a life time deal” most likely isn’t.

Remember there are over 200 million cars in America. And every year they make more. You will find a vehicle that best matches your budget and style. And more importantly, if you were ever involved in a crash, a safer car often means a safer you!

Even the best cars can run into trouble. Look into purchasing Emergency Roadside Assistance coverage. It’s typically a good investment, and an inexpensive one. The road of life has many twists and turns. Reduce your risk and ease your mind by being prepared and knowing everything you can about the car you are buying.

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