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What's the Best Time for a Road Trip? Anytime!

Our road trip planning guide offers advice aplenty – and some inspirational anecdotes – to fuel your next highway adventure.

Dreaming of the Road E-book

Road trips are invigorating and inspiring, entertaining and educational. They’re a quintessential part of the American Dream.

For assistance planning your next over-the-road getaway, check out our new e-book, Dreaming of the Road: A Trip-Planning Guide from American Family Insurance.

What's inside?

  • Vehicle preparation tips
  • Ways to protect your home while away
  • Mobile apps ideal for travel
  • Packing suggestions
  • Classic road trip tunes
  • Road game ideas
  • Healthy eating options
  • Wide-ranging safety reminders

We’ve also included dozens of inspiring, sentimental and sometimes just plain silly road trip memories shared by people from all over the nation.

So what are you waiting for? View our e-book now. Then start planning your next road trip adventure.

For an easy to print version of Dreaming of the Road, download the PDF.

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