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Spring Safety Driving Tips

Drive safely when the weather turns sloppy.

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With all the beauty spring brings, it also presents a unique set of driving challenges.

Here are some common-sense tips to keep in mind as you hit the highway during this sometimes slick and soggy time of year.

  • When rain or mist begins, slow down.

  • Turn on your fan and defroster to keep the inside of your windshield clear of moisture.

  • Avoid driving through big puddles; splashing water could affect your brakes and impair the vision of other motorists.

  • Be alert for icy conditions caused by thawing snow, spring rains or mist, especially in shaded areas, and on bridges and overpasses. These areas tend to freeze first.

  • Look carefully for pedestrians; they can be difficult to see in rain and fog. (Don’t count on them looking out for you.)
Enjoy the spring — and drive carefully.

These recommendations were developed using generally accepted safety standards.

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