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When Disaster Strikes, American Family Responds

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Claim adjusters are put in action quickly to provide help and reassurance.

When a tornado, wildfire, hailstorm or other catastrophic event strikes, speed is of the essence. American Family’s Catastrophic (CAT) Response Team is ready to respond at any time.

The CAT Team’s nationwide fleet of mobile claim offices can be dispatched at a moment’s notice to help those affected by natural disasters pick up the pieces.

Speed and independence

American Family’s catastrophe response vehicles are on site and operational within 48 hours after being dispatched. Our CAT vehicles are fully functioning claim offices built using motor homes, semi-trailers and cargo trucks. Each vehicle is equipped with multiple computer workstations along with telephones, fax machines and printers. Depending on how widespread the event, up to 16 claim adjusters can work in a single CAT response vehicle.

After a catastrophic event strikes, local infrastructure such as power and telephone may not be available. To avoid relying on potentially limited power or phone capabilities, American Family’s CAT response vehicles are completely self-sufficient, operating on their own generators and satellite connections to home office mainframe computers.

No matter how widespread the damage may be, our customers have American Family Insurance because they expect help in times of tragedy. Our goal is to always meet those expectations.

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