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Insuring Your Vacation with Vacation Insurance

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No matter how much you prepare, an unexpected twist can easily turn your vacation plans upside down. That's why you may want to "insure" your next trip against the unpredictable.

American Family can help. Here's how:

Trip Cancellation Coverage

Once you book a trip, you could risk losing a substantial amount of money if your plans change.

Sailing the seven seas? Cruise companies don't make it easy for you to cancel and get a refund — and the closer to your scheduled trip that you cancel, the smaller your refund is likely to be.

Flying to another country? International flights are expensive and almost always non-refundable.

How about a domestic flight? Even if you think you got a good deal, your ticket could prove costly if your plans change, as airlines may charge a $50 - $100 penalty to re-book — and there's no guarantee you'll get as good a rate on the new flight.

To help you avoid these problems, American Family, through another carrier, offers trip cancellation coverage, which can help protect you from losing money in case of a sudden illness, death in the family or a variety of other circumstances.

Global Medical Coverage

Even if you have good health insurance, it might leave you with gaps when you travel abroad.

You could face restrictions as to where you can be treated, or, at the very least, you could encounter headaches and hassles over paperwork when you return home.

But through another carrier, American Family offers global medical coverage, providing you the freedom to choose any hospital or doctor for treatment. And this coverage is available for individuals and families.

Before you book your next big trip, contact an American Family agent to learn more about trip cancellation coverage and global medical insurance.