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Prevent Injury from Farm Hazards

Be safe around farm machinery.

Prevent Injury from Farm Hazards

When you head out to the fields for planting or harvesting, make safety a priority.

Spring Planting

  • Wear hearing and eye protection around running machinery.

  • Use appropriate masks to filter dust and mold.

  • If using chemicals, use chemical respirators. Wear appropriate gloves and protective clothing.

  • Learn safe handling for all types of agricultural chemicals.

Fall Harvesting

  • Ventilate silo headspace at least 30 minutes before entering to remove concentrations of harmful — or lethal — gas.

  • Always disengage the PTO before getting off a tractor.

  • Never step across a rotating power shaft.

  • Never wear loose fitting clothes around moving parts.

  • When unhitching wagons or carts from a tractor, always use wheel blocks to prevent rollaway accidents.

  • Make sure bystanders stay clear of the harvesting process.

  • Closely supervise children in work areas.

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