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Clean Your Rain Gutters!

This important part of your home's exterior does more work than you may realize.

clogged gutter on house

The rain gutters on your home do an important job. Namely, they move water away from your house.

If rain gutters are clogged and don't drain properly, they can overflow, causing water to cascade off your roof and damage the landscaping below.

This precipitation can also rot wood around windows and doors, stain siding and cause water to build up at your home's foundation, where it may seep into your basement.

In the winter, clogged rain gutters can lead to the formation of icicles and damaging ice dams. They can also become heavy and pull away from your house, causing damage to your roof.

To do their job effectively, make sure your rain gutters are clean. Here are tips to keep these unsung home heroes doing their job.

  • Clean your gutters at least once a year — twice or more if you have overhanging trees.
  • Clean gutters after big storms that may have swept leaves or twigs into them.
  • Check downspouts for clogs.
  • After you've cleared away debris, flush the gutters and downspouts with a garden hose.
  • While cleaning your gutters, make sure they are firmly attached. Tighten any loose sections.
  • When cleaning, look for corrosion, holes, leaking joints or loose, missing or bent hangers.

Just as a caution – this job requires a ladder and you'll probably get dirty. If you're not comfortable with heights or ladders, hire someone to do the job.

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