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Preventing Basement Water Damage

laundry room in basement

Be sure you’re protecting it from water damage.

A family recreation room complete with a pool table … boxes filled with yearbooks and love letters … washers and dryers packed with your favorite clothes.

No matter what you store in your lower level, keep it dry during heavy rains and when snow starts to melt.

Protect your basement with a pump

Basement flooding can happen in any type of home. In fact, more than 60 percent of American homes will experience wet basements at some point, according to the American Society of Home Inspectors.

One of the best ways to keep your basement dry is to add a sump pump to move water out of your lower level. However, during power outages, sump pumps can stop working, so consider buying one with a battery backup.

Steps to keep your basement dry

  • Keep gutters and downspouts clean and direct them away from your basement.

  • Grade soft surfaces surrounding your home so water flows away from foundation walls.

  • Check for cracks in poured concrete or block walls.

  • Always store personal property, especially items of value, off the floor.

  • Make sure you have adequate insurance coverage in case of a sewer backup or sump pump overflow. Talk to your American Family agent for details.

  • If you do have problems with moisture in your basement, watch out for mold. Check out our tips for keeping the toxic substance out of your home.

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