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Erosion Control Methods

Erosion control: keep your home on solid ground.

house atop eroded cliff

Many of us enjoy camping or hiking in challenging terrain. However, we like our homes on solid ground. So, when you're building a new house or remodeling your existing one, you'll want to control erosion.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Plan ahead - Before you build or remodel, study your site carefully. Strive to preserve proper sloping and drainage patterns. Your contractor should be familiar with building requirements in your area.
  • Preserve as much vegetation as possible - Vegetation naturally curbs erosion, improves the look of your property and reduces landscaping costs.
  • Stabilize your soil - Grass provides cheap, effective erosion control. Check with your local nursery to find the best seed mixtures for your area. You may also want to use mulches, such as grass clippings, leaves, sawdust, bark chips and straw.
  • Shield your plants from traffic - Use fencing to protect plants.

By taking these and other steps, you can help keep the elements from eroding the investment you've made in your property.

These recommendations were developed using generally accepted safety standards. Compliance with these recommendations is not a guarantee that you will be in conformance with any building code, federal, state or local regulation regarding safety or fire. Compliance with these recommendations does not ensure the absolute safety of your occupation, business or residence. It is the property owner’s duty to warn any tenants or occupants of the property of any safety hazards that may exist.

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