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Modular Homes Offer Economic Construction Alternative

Modular Homes Offer Economic Construction Alternative

These cost-effective structures are built indoors for speed and economy.

Homes come in all shapes, sizes and types of construction. One increasingly popular form of construction is the modular home. These are sometimes called factory-built, system-built or pre-fab homes.

Factory built in controlled conditions

Modular homes are built inside a climate-controlled factory in sections – or modules – and transported to a home site where they are assembled on a traditional foundation. Because they’re built indoors, there are no construction delays or damaged building materials due to weather.

Because many homes are built simultaneously, manufacturers can buy building materials such as lumber, siding, cabinets, plumbing and electrical wiring in bulk, resulting in lower construction costs that are passed on to the buyer.

Even though they’re built in factories, modular homes use traditional wood-frame construction techniques in each section. Once all the modules are built, they’re transported to the home site, where they are assembled on a slab, basement or crawl space. Once the modules are completely assembled, the homes look virtually identical to traditional site-built homes. Like their site-built counterparts, modular homes are subject to all applicable state and local building codes.

If you live in a modular home or are thinking about building one, you will need homeowners insurance to make sure you’re protected against a loss. Contact your American Family Insurance agent for information about protecting your piece of the American dream.

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