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Get Your Yard Ready for Winter

A little work in fall can give you a great-looking lawn in spring.

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Fall not only brings cooler temperatures, it’s also a great time to make sure your lawn and landscaping will look lush next spring.

Here are steps to prepare for winter.

  • Resist the urge to prune! Pruning trees and shrubs in late summer/early fall may stimulate new growth, which won’t have time to harden before cold weather comes. For most trees, the best time for pruning is late winter to early spring. The exception is when you need to remove dead, diseased or damaged wood. (Caution: If you have big limbs, high branches or a tree job you’re not comfortable doing, hire a professional arborist.)

  • Use fertilizer designed for fall application. This adds nutrients to the soil for a healthy start in spring.

  • Remove unsightly foliage, dead plants and similar debris.

  • “Fluff” garden mulch to allow water to penetrate deep into the subsoil.

  • Plant bulbs for spring.

  • Aerate your lawn so oxygen, water and fertilizer can easily reach the roots.

  • Don't wait until all the leaves have fallen to start raking. Leaves left on your lawn can stick together and form an impenetrable mat that will suffocate the grass.

  • Move tropical plants indoors.

  • Consider transplanting perennials from their containers directly into the garden.

Taking care of lawn and landscaping in the fall will pay off handsomely when spring rolls around. Your lawn not only will be more lush and colorful, you’ll have less work waiting for you.

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