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Protect Yourself from Tornadoes

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American Family offers resources to help you before and after a storm.

Tornadoes are one of nature’s most violent and unpredictable storms. With wind speeds that can reach 300 miles per hour, they’re capable of wiping out entire neighborhoods in a matter of seconds. Unlike hurricanes that can be tracked over time, tornadoes can appear with little warning.

Rebuilding after a tornado

When a tornado strikes, no personal property is safe. Cars, homes and other structures can be heavily damaged or destroyed in a matter of seconds. Once the dust settles, the recovery can begin.

One of the first steps in the rebuilding process is to file a claim. To make the process easier and more efficient – and to make sure nothing is overlooked – an inventory of your possessions is helpful. To help you keep track of your belongings, American Family Insurance offers DreamVault, a free home inventory management system for keeping a detailed list of your possessions. This no-cost resource from American Family lets you upload pictures of your belongings, add descriptions and organize things in a way that makes sense to you. In the event of a claim, your property inventory makes the process easier and more efficient for you and your family.

Safety tips for homeowners

Tornadoes are nothing to take lightly. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) an average 1,200 tornadoes touch down in the United States every year. Make sure your family has a plan in the event of a tornado or other severe weather. Having a tornado safety plan could make all the difference in how well your family survives a tornado.

Safety tips for businesses

If a tornado threatens during business hours when your company is fully staffed and may have customers on site, you need to act quickly to protect everyone on location. Make sure your business has a safety plan and that everyone knows what to do and where to go. More information about tornado safety plans is available in the American Family Insurance Learning Center.

What to do if you have a claim

If your home or property has been damaged by a tornado, you need to file a tornado claim promptly. If damage is wide-spread, there may be hundreds of claims being filed at the same time. More information about the claim process is available in the American Family Learning Center.

If you have questions about your insurance coverage in the event of a tornado, contact your American Family Insurance agent.

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