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Protecting your identity during the holidays

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When you're busy with seasonal shopping, traveling and gift-giving, identity thieves are busy, too. So, it pays to be especially vigilant, knowing where your identity is vulnerable and how you can defend it against identity thieves. A small effort on your part can help prevent your identity from becoming a holiday casualty.

Tips for thwarting identity thieves

Taking measures that proactively protect you may seem cumbersome and time-consuming. But remember, it will be well worth the relatively small effort on your part to prevent the worst from ruining your holidays.

Here are a few holiday tips to help safeguard your identity:

  • Don’t disclose personal information to strangers. You may get a lot of seasonal charity solicitations and phone calls. Never give personal information to anyone who has called you on the phone, no matter who they say they are.
  • Safeguard personal documents. Find a safe, secure place to keep your credit and debit cards, checkbook and Social Security card. Use a shredder and destroy any unneeded documents containing personal identifying information, especially credit card applications.
  • Watch for "shoulder surfers" at ATMs. Those prying eyes are definitely not Santa's elves.
  • Never carry your Social Security card or write your Social Security number on checks.
  • Keep anti-virus software and firewalls and all programs current to protect your computer from unwanted intrusions. This is especially important while you're doing holiday online shopping.

Another way to help protect your identity

The American Family Identity Theft Program includes our Identity Fraud Expense Coverage, which covers costs associated with repairing your identity, including attorney fees, loan application fees and lost wages.

Learn more about the American Family Identity Theft Program.

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