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Social innovation is the engine that drives communities. That’s why we’re launching a new initiative: The American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate & Social Impact. It’s a social impact hub that elevates entrepreneurs of color and women innovators who work for the greater good.

Our Plans To Drive Social Innovation

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Sponsor companies, host events and run workshops for the social entrepreneur community

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Build and host workshops for start-ups and established businesses to foster social and environmental strategies into their business plans

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Launch a social impact series, host insightful events and pilot a youth accelerator program

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Build and host a workshop on corporate citizenship for our own agents

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Madison, WI

Turning a City Into a Social Impact Hub

As the home of American Family Insurance headquarters and a growing community of tech innovators, Madison is the perfect place to launch our idea. The Institute will open this fall at The Spark, a 158,000 square foot, eight-story building in the Capital East corridor of the city. Our initial focus areas will be K-12 education, anti-recidivism & mass incarceration, and resilient cities.

Taking The Greater Good Even Further

Madison is just the tip of the iceberg. Today, the Institute offers programs, tools and connections for those local change makers. Tomorrow, it may include a venture capital fund for social entrepreneurs that have innovative social good solutions for our communities.We'll reinvest the proceeds into existing operations, and we'll make an impact for women and entrepreneurs of color in other strong, sustainable communities around the country.

We will reinvest the proceeds
We will make an Impact for woman

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