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Treasures in the attic: iAMFAM online game has new hidden object feature

(May 22, 2013) – iAMFAM, the popular life simulation game offered by American Family Insurance, has added another new feature – a hidden object game.

Offered in a web-based format and as a mobile game, iAMFAM simulates real life, giving players a chance to build a career, furnish their homes, take care of their families and tend to their yards. Players earn coins for working and happiness points for things like exercising, sleeping or gardening. They can connect with Facebook to build an online neighborhood with friends.

The hidden object game invites players to check their attics and find the 10 hidden objects. Ten of 50 hidden items are randomly chosen to keep players coming back. Players earn points and awards for speed, accuracy and helpfulness.

The game was developed by American Family Insurance as a fun way to help people learn about insurance. New features are added periodically, such as a garden enhancement where players can buy and plant personal gardens, or a driving game where players earn safety points if they avoid obstacles on the road.

iAMFAM was introduced more than three years ago and remains a popular game. Its audience continues to grow, with a 25 percent increase in new users from 2011 to 2012. iAMFAM players come back an average of 4.5 times per month to play, and average game play is 14:36 minutes per session.

"iAMFAM has a wide appeal because it's fun for people of all ages," says Michele Wingate, American Family's social media manager. "And regularly adding new features, like a hidden object game which is extremely popular with gaming enthusiasts, keeps players coming back."

iAMFAM is one of the only games of its kind that can be accessed from many platforms, including the Web, Facebook, Android and iOS devices, including the iPad. Users need to register only once, and can then play anywhere. iAMFAM players can also join the new Google+ iAMFAM community and be the first to know about game updates.


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American Family Insurance

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