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Teens can get real about driving on the TRACK

Free, innovative program being held for first time in Englewood

Madison, Wis. (Sept. 23, 2013) – Teens and their parents are invited to participate in an innovative program designed to educate teens about safe driving on Saturday, Oct 5th. TRACK (Teaching Road Awareness and Consequences to Kids) was made possible through the sponsorship of American Family Insurance. The event will be held at Track at Centennial, 13600 Eagle Rock Road in Englewood.

"Teen driver deaths are still a major concern on the roadways, and we're about to head into the homecoming season, so we're doing all we can to make it a safe one," says Bruce Murakami, founder of Safe Teen Driver and TRACK. "This is an innovative program and a great opportunity for teens and their parents to learn about safe driving in a controlled environment."

This TRACK event will feature exciting opportunities for teens, ages 14 and older, to learn about driving and some of most common issues that cause car crashes. Teens will also learn and have fun driving golf carts with DUI goggles that actually simulate what it's like to drive while intoxicated as well as to try and navigate a obstacle course in golf carts while texting. And of course, all teens will have a chance to learn some key driving skills-skills that could save their lives-and then have a blast practicing those skills while driving professional go-karts.

"It's our dream at American Family Insurance to keep every teen safe on the road," said Dawn Mortimer, Innovation Director. "And we're very pleased to be able to do that with this event in Englewood."

TRACK is a day-long, completely FREE program developed specifically for teens and their parents. Parents are required to attend with their teen and participate in programs just for them.

To register for the event or to find out more please visit Or to talk with Bruce to learn more about helping teen drivers stay safe on the road, contact him at 727-420-7937 or TRACK.

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