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mySafetyValet℠ —
Your Key to Safer Driving

Helping you become a safer driver and rewarding you with lower premiums for safe driving habits are two more ways American Family keeps you on the road to a dream-fulfilling future.

When you participate in our mySafetyValet℠ program, available exclusively to qualified auto insurance customers, you’ll receive a small device to plug into your car to view your own driving behaviors, such as braking, accelerating and cornering. By logging into a password-protected website, you’ll see where you’re doing well – and where you might need some improvement.

We’ll also email you a monthly report comparing your results to the previous month’s data, and tracking your progress against goals you set.

For enrolling in this safety-focused program, you’ll receive up to a 5 percent introductory discount. At your renewal after six months in the program, you may qualify for even more savings – a discount of up to 30 percent, based on your driving performance.

Contact your American Family agent to enroll. Or call a customer service representative at 1-800-MYAMFAM (692-6326), ext. 74777.

Note: This program is not available in all states.



After completing the enrollment process, your plug-in device should arrive by U.S. Mail within 3-5 business days. You will not be charged for shipping. Along with your device, you'll receive a welcome letter; a quick-start installation guide; terms and conditions for the program; and information on how to access and navigate the mySafetyValet website, where you can view information on the trips you’ve taken.

The mySafetyValet device plugs into your car’s OBD II port – the same one a mechanic uses for diagnostic testing. This port is commonly located below the dashboard or under the steering wheel. Check your owner manual for the specific locations. You can also consult the Vehicle OEM Database, managed by the Center for Automotive Science and Technology at Weber State University.

The mySafetyValet device tracks your vehicle, regardless of who is driving. Within the mySafetyValet website, you’ll have the option of identifying the driver for each trip.

There is no limit on how many vehicles you can enroll (one device per vehicle), as long as you are named on an American Family Insurance policy with qualifying coverage on each vehicle. Participating vehicles must also have been manufactured in 1996 or later. In limited cases, this technology may not be compatible with a vehicle. (We'll check when you enroll.)

To participate in mySafetyValet, you must be named on an American Family auto insurance policy for the vehicle(s) you are enrolling. Participating vehicles must be 1996 models or later. In limited cases, this technology may not be compatible with a vehicle. (We'll check when you enroll.) American Family also requires an email address for communicating with you throughout the program.

If you're already an American Family Insurance customer, contact your agent or call 1-800-692-6326, ext. 74777. New customers can enroll when purchasing an auto policy through, by contacting an agent or by calling 1-800-692-6326, ext. 74777.

Before selling a vehicle, please remove the device. Then call 1-800-692-6326, ext. 74777, to report the change.

The introductory discount is up to 5 percent.

After American Family obtains six months' of data, your program discount will be calculated. As long as you comply with all terms and conditions, the program discount will remain on your policy. However, American Family may require you to reinstall the device from time to time.

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