Your Dreams, Our Protection

We believe the American Dream is alive and well.

It's as unique as you - and we want to help protect it. That's why we've started a discussion around this very topic.

You may have seen portions of the "Long Live Our Dreams" movement in print, website and movie theatre ads in your community. You'll certainly be seeing more in the months to come.

What's this all about?

It's a forum for sharing your thoughts and dreams. To be part of the discussion, check out, where you can participate in an interactive assessment of where you stand as a dreamer.

Restoring Dreams through Character, Not Characters

Why is an insurance company so interested in the American Dream?

Because we understand we're helping protect so much more than cars, homes and businesses - we're protecting the dreams these things represent.

Lately, however our industry has been overcome by an army of characters and celebrity spokespeople who have convinced millions of customers that insurance is only about other factors: the lowest price and the fastest quote.

Such arguments are doing Americans a disservice. Insurance, after all, is not a commodity.

We think the people of St. Louis and Joplin, Mo., would agree.

When we help put disaster-struck communities back together, we are doing more than paying a claim. We are fulfilling a promise.

We are restoring the dreams of people who saw them blown away in an instant.

Putting people within reach of their dreams is what drives us each and every day.

Long live our dreams.

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