Consumer reports will be ordered to determine eligibility for insurance and to properly rate your policy. These reports include information about claims, credit history, and driving history, and may include information about current and former members of your household. Consumer reports may also be used for updates, renewals, or extensions of this insurance. We may also obtain and use a credit-based insurance score based on the information contained in your credit report. We may use a third party in connection with the development of the insurance score.

**Oregon Customers only: We will only obtain your credit report when you apply for this insurance. If you request, we will obtain your credit report to recalculate your credit-based insurance score and will only use that information if it results in a lower rate/premium for your policy. You may request a written statement describing our use of credit histories or insurance scores.

Personal information may be collected from sources other than yourself. This will include a loss history report showing your personal insurance claims history.

Such information, as well as other information collected, may be disclosed in circumstances to third parties without authorization as allowed by law. We may also share this information with our affiliates for the sole purpose of doing business with you. A right to access and correction exists with respect to all personal information and a written notice will be furnished to you upon request.

For more information on Credit Based Insurance Scores please access AmFam.com and a review the credit brochure.