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6 Things to Get Rid of Today

Pursuing your dreams can be difficult when there’s too much clutter in your life. Whether you struggle with organization, or simply own too much stuff, we’re here to help! To get started, all you need are a few boxes, a vision of your future space, and a can-do attitude.

Ready to start clearing out the clutter? Here are the top six things taking up precious space in your home, and the ones to banish once and for all!

Anything you don’t use. Okay, this one might go without saying, but any clothes, gadgets, household items that you haven’t used within the last year should either be tossed or donated to someone who will.

Needless packaging. If you’re not a serious collector and still save shoe boxes, original packaging for gadgets, or DVD and CD cases, you’d save a ton of space by getting rid of the extra boxes.

Extra household items. When you replace items in your home, especially gadgets like computers, phones and TVs, where does the old one go? Usually stashed somewhere “just in case,” right? But those obsolete castoffs can really pile up, so get rid of those dusty doubles ASAP!

Outdated furniture. Use your decluttering initiative to get rid of furniture that no longer serves a purpose. If your TV now mounts to a wall, chuck the clunky stand. Old desktop computers are often replaced with laptops and tablets, so ditching that old computer desk will free up some much needed space. Or, if you’re feeling crafty, make the old new again by repurposing furniture to better suit your clutter-free lifestyle!

Expired toiletries. Cleaning out your fridge and pantry should be a routine habit, but what about your medicine cabinet? Toss expired medications, or take them to medication drop-off sites. Also check any toiletries like skincare, makeup, or hair potions for expiration dates.

Anything kept out of guilt. Admit it, you’ve received your share of gifts over the years you don’t use, don’t fit into, or just downright don’t like. Yet, the thought of throwing them out makes you feel bad, so they’re usually stuck in the back of a closet, taking up space. But look at it this way, it’s not the gift itself that matters, it’s the act of giving. So with that attitude, you can donate that chicken-shaped gravy boat without a second thought!

With a little determination and a vision of the home you want, you can declutter your space like a pro. Just remember, the less clutter in your life, the more space you have to pursue your dreams!

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